SIGINT and COMINT: A Good Solution

Why such an emphasis on SIGINT, and in particular COMINT?

It is a good solution for two problems everyone needs to solve. The problems being a short and long term way to get useful information that you can then turn into tactical and strategic intelligence.

Remember, intelligence is applied information.

Short term = tactical.

Long term = strategic.

Examples of tactical intelligence and how it could apply to you:

  • It is wildfire season, and receive information on your police scanner of the local fire department being dispatched to a grass fire a mile or so upwind from you. Is this going to be a quick call, or is the fire going to spread you way?
  • You live near an Interstate highway or railroad line. A tractor trailer or train carrying hazmat has an accident. Should you be concerned?
  • This one actually happened to a friend of mine. A pool supply store a half mile away catches fire. The building contains lots of chlorine for pool sanitizing. In his case he did have to evacuate.

Examples of strategic intelligence and how it could apply to you:

  • What neighborhoods in your town or city have the most problems, based on the number of police calls to them?
  • What is the most serious crime problem in your town or city?
  • What is the normal baseline of activity in your region? When is it deviating? Is this a concern?

There are many ways you can answer these questions. One of the easiest is with COMINT. Tactical COMINT is easy. It doesn’t take much to listen for interesting dispatch calls. Strategic is not hard either. It just takes listening and taking notes over a period of time.


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